Pencil Sketch

A sketchy pencil portrait on paper.
This pencil sketch is simple art style which offers a unique look that stands out. Makes an amazing gift.

Pencil Sketch Examples

Funny Child Portrait Pencil Sketch - Pencil Portrait | Thubakabra
Cute Child Pencil Portrait - Family Pencil Portrait | Thubakabra
Custom Pencil Sketch - Cheap Pencil Portrait | Thubakabra

The Price of Your Pencil Sketch

● The basic price for a custom pencil sketch is $29 which means one individual on the portrait.
● Every added person costs +$11 extra.
● In case you want the original drawing, shipping means an extra cost.

Lead Time

After the portrait was purchased, I need 1-3 days to draw the pencil drawing.
Shipping can take 1-4 weeks, depending on your location. But I can send it digitally, saving time and money. ​

The Final Pencil Art

​ The final pencil artwork will be shipped if you prefer that. Please note that it takes time to the drawings to be delivered. I can also send a digital file that can be printed which I find the simpliest way.

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