B&W Digital Portrait

A digitalliy painted black and white artwork. It's mostly preferred to have it as an art of a precious memory, or a elegant, tasteful portrait of a family member. Any size is welcomed, the price depends on the details of the black and white digital portrait. I work only from photo but minor changes are possible.
Cute Baby Girl Portrait
Native American Woman Portrait
B&W Digital Portrait of Gosling
Custom Digital Horse Art Portrait
Vintage-themed Digital Portrait
Hyperrealistic Digital Portrait

The Price

The basic price is $49 which means one individual on the portrait.
Every added person costs +$18 extra. If you want to add some details, ideas, that also means an extra cost.
See more about payments.

Lead Time

After the portrait was purchased, I need 3-6 days to have the digital portrait finished. I always ask for a deadline for the custom black and white digital portrait. ​

The Final Art

​ When I'm done with the digital portrait painting, you'll have a digital file that can be printed by you​. The size is really flexible, that's the good thing about digital artworks.
If you interested in a custom black and white digital painting portrait:

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