Order Details

If you want to order a custom art by me, please see details below or contact me for more information. For estimated prices and available art styles, see services.


Every price is negotiable. If you bulk ordering, you can ask for a discount.
Each price you see on my site is in USD and does not include shipping and printing costs but do include any taxes that may necesarry.

How Can You Pay

PayPal is the prefered payment method. It's fast, and I can give an Invoice by using PayPal.
You can also pay with Credit Card but to see that the payment is cleared it takes a few days. Since I ask for full payment or deposit before the work is started on your custom order, Credit Card Payment method may delays the finishing date of the artwork. There is a +$7 transaction fee on every bank transactions.

If you don't have PayPal, I can send an invoice that can be paid with Credit Card using PayPal.


For orders that price is exceed $50, a deposit will be asked for before I start the work on your custom order. This means a 50% of the full price. The second half will be payed after I finished the work on the custom art and you, as my customer, accept it. A printable artwork will be delivered after I received the final payment.

Please note that the paid deposit cannot be refunded unless I, the artist cancells the order in some reason.

Extra Costs

In some circumstances, an extra cost is necessary. For example if you order an art style which artwork will be done using photo reference, but you ask for couple of changes, it may mean an extra cost. There is an extra cost if the photo reference is too blurry or after I started the work on the art style you ask for a major change. Any extra that wasn't mentioned in the description in the particular art style may be a subject of additional costs.
It is possible for a few countries that I have the print for you. In that case I will ask for a printing and shipping cost on the top of the basic price.


Please, note that with the exception of Book Covers, every other artworks' copyrightholder is me, the artist. If you planning commercial usage, you have to buy the rights from me.

How to Order

Please, contact me to order a custom artwork. I will reply within 24 hours.
In your message please refer the chosen art style you interested in.

Other Details

If you ordered an art that costs $50+, that assumes a more detailed artwork, therefore I will send pictures of current stages. You can see how the order is coming along and you can accept the current stage or add your hints that how I should change it.
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