For Artists

These tutorial were made by me. Mostly they are for beginner digital painters; my intention is to help them with their first steps.

Video Tutorial About Digital Blending for Beginners

Video tutorial for beginner digital artists - the very basics of digital blending.
This video shows you the very basics of the brush usage, like how the blend it, avoid blurry edges and so on. You can watch how to use hard brushes in a better way and gives a nicer blending practice.

Video Tutorial About Smudge Tool and Soft-Edged Brushes

Video tutorial for artists - Smudge tool and soft-edged brush. In this tutorial video you can have the idea about smudge tool and the clever usage of soft edged brushes. If you want to have smooth surfaces on your digital painting, this is one of the options to make them so.

More tutorials are on their way!
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