Character Illustration

Many of us (including me) write novels, stories whiches main characters are like to be illustrated. Custom Character Illustration works whether as a reminder of their outer characteristics or as a printed artwork that proudly hangs on your wall.
Sizes does not influence the final price, only the level of details that the custom Character Illustration requires.
Stranger Things Themed Custom Art
Girl with Orchids
Guy with as a Pilot
Vintage Themed Custom Portrait
Game Design
Thor Themed Custom Portrait

The Price

The basic price is $139.
Final price based on how much I can work with when I do the custom Character Illustration for you and how detailed the illustration will be.
See more about payments.

Lead Time

I always ask for a deadline for the custom Character Illustration. The turnaround time depends on the level of details that the digital painting needs and how fast we can discuss each stage of the artwork. ​

The Final Art

​ When I'm done with the Character Illustration painting, you'll have a digital file that can be printed out by you. Delivered file format will be by your personal choice.
If you interested in a custom Character Art:

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