Book Cover

As a novelist you will need a custom-made Book Cover that will tell the possible readers, what they will get with the book they will purchase. I offer you a custom Book Cover with this price that also includes the rights for commercial use and custom texts.
I can make the cover ebook-ready but I won't do printing preparations.
Book Cover Design
Edge of Sanity Book Cover
Book Cover - Based on Photo
Sci-fi Book Cover - Based on Photo
Book Cover - Based on Photo
Book Cover - Based on Photo

The Price

The basic price is $240.
Final price based on how much I can work with when I do the custom Book Cover for you and how detailed the cover illustration is.
See more about payments.

Lead Time

I always ask for a deadline for the custom Book Cover illustration. The turnaround time depends on the level of details that the cover needs and how fast we can discuss each stage of the artwork. ​

The Final Art

​ When I'm done with the Book Cover painting, you'll have a digital file that can be ebook-ready​. I can prepare the Illustration with and without texts. Delivered file format will be by your personal choice.
If you interested in a custom Book Cover art:

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