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Watercolor Painting

Digitally painted watercolor painting art style. A minimalist yet stylish painting type that's based on a given reference photo. It's simple, inspired and bright. Great as Wedding, Anniversary and Birthday gift but you can also turn nice memories to this minimalist watercolor painting art style.
Happy Couple
Watercolor Painting of a Couple
Watercolor Art of a Couple
Custom Watercolor Portrait
Watercolor Portrait of a Girl
Kissing Couple Watercolor Painting

The Price

The basic price is $34+ which means one individual on the portrait.
Every added person costs +$14 extra. If you want to add some details, ideas, that also means an extra cost.
See more about payments.

Lead Time

After the portrait was purchased, I need 2-4 days to have the watercolor portrait finished. I always ask for a deadline for the custom watercolor portrait. ​

The Final Art

​ When I'm done with the painting, you'll have a digital file that can be printed by you​. The size is really flexible, that's the good thing about digital artworks.

If you interested in a custom watercolor painting portrait

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