Ganfalf and Middle-Earth Needs you! Digital illustration
I've been asked to do this T-shirt design for the same Tolkien Birthday event. It's kinda a limited edition and as far as I understand, only organizers got this T-shirt. It's been a huge fan to making a Gandalf-Lord of the Rings themed design since I'm a real fan. 
I also git a T-shirt like this and I love it! 
I only regret that I wasn't informed about the design going on a dark shirt, so the white lines seem too thick on it. Doesn't matter, it still looks amazing! 

Sketches were made in Adobe Photoshop, the final design in Adobe Illustrator.
Me in my Gandalf T-shirt
How the T-shirt looks like on an actual person. Had only my mobile on me so I put some more old effect on it to be okay. LOL
First sketch for Gandalf the Gray
One sketch for the design that made to being vectored in Adobe Illustrator.
A sketch of Tolkien
The original idea was to have Tolkien himself who invites you to join his Middle-Earth army. Unfortunately, he was to "scary" for this role, so we switched to Gandalf the kind, haha.  

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